I must put you on your guard against the suggestions of hostile influences which attack all sadhaks in this yoga. It is their subtler suggestions which take the figure of truth, and not their more open attacks, that are the most dangerous, I will mention some of the most usual of them.

Be on your guard against any suggestions that tries to raise up your egoism, as for instance that you are a great sadhak than others or that your sadhana is unique or of an exceptionally high kind. Egoism is the greatest danger of the sadhana and is never spiritually justifiable. All greatness is God's: it belongs to no other.

Be on your guard against anything that suggests to you to keep or cling to any impurity or imperfection, confusion in the mind, attachment in the heart, desire and passion in the prana, or disease in the body. To keep up these things by ingenious justifications and coverings, is one of the usual devices of the hostile forces.

Be on your guard against any idea which will make you admit these hostile forces on the same terms as the divine forces. All is a manifestation of God in a certain sense but if misunderstood, as it often is, this Vedantic truth can be turned to the purposes of falsehood. There are many things which are partial manifestations and have to be replaced by fuller truer manifestations. There are others which belong to the Ignorance and fall away when we move to the knowledge, there are others which are of the darkness and have to be combated and destroyed or exiled.

He thought and felt in all, his gaze had power.
He communed with the Incommunicable;
Beings of a wider consciousness were his friends,
Forms of a larger subtler make drew near;
The Gods conversed with him behind Life's veil