There is within you a psychic being which is divine, directly a part of the Mother. When it is unveiled and able to come forward and govern the being, then it changes the ordinary consciousness, throws all the undivine things out and changes the outer nature altogether. That is why we want the sadhaks to concentrate, to open this concealed consciousness - it is by concentration of whatever kind and the experiences it brings that one opens and becomes aware within and the new consciousness and nature begin to grow and come out.

The psychic is the soul or spark of the Divine Fire supporting the individual evolution on the earth and the psychic being is the soul-consciousness developing itself or rather its manifestation from life to life with the mind, vital and body as its instruments until all is ready for the union with the Divine.

O human copy and disguise of God
Who seekst the deity thou keepest hid
And livest by the Truth thou hast not known,
Follow the world's winding highway to its source.
There in the silence few have ever reached,
Thou shalt see the Fire burning on the bare stone
And the deep cavern of thy secret soul.